Hey girl|boy hey

Maddison and Trista have been in the industry a combined 29 years.. We use good eye cream.
Meeting at the ripe age of 19 we became fast friends and co workers. Both having a love for this industry, advenure and eachother. We have stayed the course through Marriage, Kids and now each owning our own slice of salon heaven.
It only seemed right to team back up after all these years to share our passion and diverse knowledge we have obtained.
Maddison a fierce business woman and Trista a creative soul have two perspectives and skill sets to make a well balanced team.

Come find your Cookie

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the team


• God
• My Boys 
• Sushi
• A good adventure
• Snowfall 
• French fries + good ranch
• Target | Nordstroms
• Chip and Joanna
• Camping|Camo|Rzr riding
• Girlfriends


On my favorite days find me in |Camo| riding dirt bikes and our RZR with my man clan. Seeking adventure in rivers|lakes|moutains|beaches|puddles and dirt piles. Funny, how much I love the opposite of getting dressed up, a good set of false lashes, shopping and most of all making people feel beautiful. But, for me it works perfectly.

I am a 4th generation hairdresser ,salon owner, and now 2nd generation educator it runs deep in my family. I am just a girl out here chasing my dreams and loving every minute of this adventure. Come take a seat I cant wait to share with you!! 

a girl's girl surrounded by camo and dirt

the adventurer

trista clark

Babies + Fur babies •
Red Wine •
Lake Days •
Halloween •
Caffeine in any form •
The color black •
Sushi •
TJ Maxx •
Highheels •
Pilates •


Ugh a bio.. I had the hardest time with this. So what do I do? Obviously, I make an organized bullet list while a client is processing. Everyone at the shop knew I was struggling with this bio(from my massive complaints). At the end of the day I walk to the back to grab my stuff and realize that my computer was still open. And on it I found this, probably the nicest things anyone has ever written or said about me. My heart swelled, the fact that my team had these things to say made me feel extremely lucky. Lucky to have a team that supports me this much. So, Ill just leave this right here!

"Maddison Carey is not the kind of woman you forget. Her exuberance and charm has won her many lifelong friends as well as an ever loyal clientele. Her exceptional ability to thrive despite circumstances is what has brought her this far. Maddison has been a stylist for over 15 years. Her innovative ideas paired with traditional principles is what gives her work a cutting edge. She trained with leading industry brands in order to hone her talent and has become not only a top tier stylist but a successful business entrepreneur, all while raising her two children. What sets her apart? Her passion is to not only see herself succeed but other stylists as well because this is the industry she loves."

work hard. relax,work harder

the Dreamer

maddison Carey